A Collection of Symphonic Poems by Brian Fogarty


Brian Fogarty's latest book of 'symphonic poems' is a dazzling tour-de-force of writing surely destined to become a true classic of 21st century literature. The five poems cover a range of emotional, psychological and visionary states wrapped in narratives that will grip the reader from beginning to end. The collections comprises the following poems:


An agoraphobic falls in love with a girl whom he sees from his window crossing the square to the phone box on the corner. He calls her up in the box, pretending he lives a hundred miles away and, by chance, dialled a wrong number. He persuades her to have daily telephone trysts with him during which she begins to tell him things a normal conversation never allows. 


A Sudanese Muslim woman thinks about her lover - an English teacher - who returned to England 40 years ago to write a novel she inspired. Believing he is now dead, she wonders how he portrayed her in his book ... 

A reading of this poem by the author is featured on a CD with original soundscape included with the book. 


A man in a wheel chair by the side of a road gets a fleeting glimpse of a girl in the hub cap of a car. He becomes obsessed with her and tries to find her.

A reading of this poem by the author is featured on a CD with original soundscape included with the book. 


A man living in Brighton receives a mysterious letter postmarked Littlehampton. Instead of opening it he begins a daily ritual of taking a bus ride to Littlehampton, a town he had never visited, whilst speculating on the possible content of the letter and whether it contains something that could change his destiny. 

Lemon Jelly

A man wakes up one morning and decides he must buy a decent suit for his funeral. However, once he's obtained the lethal does of pills he delays his demise for a fortnight until he's worked his way through a Bucket List of 14 recipes he selects and cooks himself from a gourmet cook book. However, before he prepares his ultimate meal he sees from his window a luminous-looking woman sitting at a table in the park drinking tea and becomes fixated by her other-worldliness . 

Accompanying the first edition is a CD of readings by Brian Fogarty with original soundscapes.

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